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I have worked at Pennycross since 2010. I have previously taught in other inner city schools in the City, smaller town schools in Somerset as well as a large international setting in the USA.
At Pennycross I am part of the leadership team responsible for Teaching and Learning.
I have been the EYFS lead for 8 years and have over 12 years teaching experience in the EYFS. I have previously taught right across the primary phase so feel I have a sound understanding of the progress and different demands across the school.
I am also the ITT co-ordinator for all Marjon students in the school as well as being the NQT mentor. These roles ensure I keep a current and relevant vision of the changing demands of teachers new to the job.
At Pennycross our school intake usually has a high percentage of children entering Foundation below national expectations, many of which have speech and language concerns. Therefore my team and I have developed a range of strategies to support the children with making accelerated progress in a child led curriculum.
Our unit has achieved the Bristol Standard quality mark for effective reflective practise and provision for the last consecutive 6 years.

Shirley Evel

Plymouth Teaching School
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