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Leadership experience and professional coaching expertise offered for all phases of education:
I have worked in a senior school leadership role for 20 years, initially as a Primary consultant where I worked alongside colleagues in many challenging circumstances around the city. I have also worked in schools with a large number of gifted and talented children with parents who have very high expectations. I have supported schools that have been in an Ofsted category 4 and seen the power of a shared vision, rigorous monitoring and challenge for improvement taking schools to outstanding levels. This has been with primary and secondary colleagues.

I have had experience of leading a school through redundancies, staff capabilities, building work and the bereavement of a child. My main areas of professional expertise are developing leadership, building effective teams and knowledge of teaching and learning.

I am privileged to work with some extremely creative staff that have expertise in English, early years and international and community links. We also have very effective systems for supporting children with SEND and ensuring gifted and talented children achieve their potential.

Much of my work in the last two years has focused on developing senior leadership within schools and enabling schools to set up systems to improve teaching and learning.

Plymouth Teaching School
 Change Management,  Headteacher Support,  Leadership and management
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